Benefits of Playing Golf For Kids

A game of club and balls, golf is not usually the first name that pops up in a list of
sports for kids. Yet it is undervalued as a game that offers fun, excitement and
It probably does not fit into most people’s idea of a perfect sport. But that, I believe,
is an excellent advantage because it brings a sense of learning and challenging,
engaging both mind and body. With each success, there’s a sense of accomplishment
at mastering something new and moving on to a new goal. It’s also an excellent
teacher to demonstrate that force is not always the solution. Learning golf has great
potential for character building being the unusual choice that it is.
Golf is a game played with clubs to strike a white ball in such a way that it falls into a
series of holes present on the golf course. This sport can take your child on an
exciting, suspenseful adventure that may span 18 or 9 holes. Beginning from the tee
box, they must pass through different forms of terrain like the fairways, the roughs,
bunkers, water and rocks to reach their goal. There is plenty of opportunity for
adventure and fun while developing a mind for strategy. For your child, this will be a
different kind of race where the least number of strokes or lowest scores are required
to win.
Need more convincing? Here are some fantastic reasons why golf is a good
sport for your child:
Hand to eye co-ordination: Ages 5-6 is a great time for your child to learn golf. It
helps kids develop their hand-eye coordination skills. There’s nothing like a good
sport and some fun competitiveness to bring out a child’s eagerness to learn.
Scientific learning: Our science textbooks teach us about forces that act on an
object in rest and in motion. This is a practical way to understand the foundation of
scientific laws. And experience has always been a better teacher than rote learning.
Confidence building: Learning a sport increases confidence and becomes a talking
point for your child to socialize. Choosing something not traditionally popular also

helps a child be comfortable with being different and accepting themselves as they
Family bonding: You can traipse on the greens along with your child and enjoy a
bonding session as they master the nitty-gritty of golf while they have fun.
Fun: It’s no secret that children are easily entertained. Chances are that even allowing
a shot that plops the ball in water will have your child giggling with delight. The
important thing is that your child should be having fun.

Healthy competition: It’s best to instil a healthy competitive spirit at a tender age.
As with any sport, there are many wins and losses too. It can teach your children to
take it in their stride so to speak.
Strategy: Golf is a game which involves dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and
strategy. Playing golf will certainly help your kid to engage in strategy and develop the
mind in that way.

Exercise: Sports encourage kids to indulge in something other than digital devices.
Digital devices offer a world of opportunities to learn but physical exercise is equally
important and a fun sport will convince your child better than a harsh word.
So give it a shot (literally) and watch your child blossom!

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