Golf Technique

Mon Golf is a subject very interesting and art for the elite while playing it people need to understand more about the value of this discipline and it is costly as well as high technology requires players had Economist or knowledgeable about Golf or otherwise to play this subject everyone must be a successful entrepreneur and passionate about sports, sports and basic skills of the player and requires proficiency. If you want to catch the year should go through a course on Golf. By the way, specialists will share the passion for the sport with a bit of skill, as well as basic play and tight grip.

In order to have a good shot, the holding position is very important, it affects a stroke and a position that allows you to have health and wrong posture will cause you to affect the musculoskeletal joint . Hold and fold your fingers together. Strength and stamina. Put on the ball, to have a long and beautiful shot for the ball.

Vertical standing is also important, standing in the V shape. One leg and one hind leg. The fulcrum on the hind legs, eyes on the fold. It is a sport that is both artistic and flexible. We follow the image:

Other positions when the ball into the hole

Another posture

Polishing, stretching the hand to put all the force on the club and make the ball stretch and open the corner of the elbow and bung all the effort put into the ball and bring the best shot. In addition, we also have a class to ask questions.

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