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Cyber Security For Golf Courses

Last year, Fred Santarsiere, a forensic investigator and expert in computer hacking said “I can teach you to create a legitimate virus in three clicks on the computer” according to the Private Club Advisor. This speech at the National Club Association Conference is part of a growing awareness of the importance of cyber security. As the owner of a country club you need to give some serious consideration as to where your establishment stands in this area.

The Growing Threat of Cyber Attacks

To illustrate the importance of cyber security, consider a recent article from the WSJ which explained cyber warfare as the new “arms race”. Believe it or not, countries are actually collecting digital storehouses of malicious code, everything from corrupted emails to high level security breaching software. Cyber-attacks are no longer something contained in some dark corner of the internet. They are big business and big politics. In addition to the growing reality of political cyber-attacks, the threat to businesses from digital thieves is at an all-time high.

Are Hackers Targeting Smaller Companies?

Sure, the most well-known hacks are those which happened to companies like Sony, Target, and Home Depot, but the fact of the matter is that while less lucrative, it is easier to hack smaller businesses. As the National Cybersecurity Institute points out, small businesses are one of the favorite targets for hackers. A few of the factors which cause this are that small companies, restaurants, and clubs do not usually have good protection, good training, and infrastructure to handle cyber-attacks. As Santarsiere said during his talk directed to club owners “You are on their radar and are one of their best targets.” Still aren’t convinced? A study by Symantec shows that 3 out of 5 attacks targeted small and midsize companies in 2014.

3 Ways To Improve Cyber Security

Since golf clubs are not going to be overlooked by hackers, they must prepare. While the budget probably doesn’t exist to use world class software protection, clubs can make themselves hard to hack, and therefore not worth it. To do so, clubs should invest in proper software protection. In addition, clubs should:

  • Remove Vulnerabilities: Update their software frequently.
  • Train Responders: Educate and train staff on a regular basis.
  • Prepare Contingencies: Have plans to respond to threats.
  • Get the Coverage: Have a robust insurance plan that covers it.

Insuring Yourself

Having the knowledge, software, and proper training isn’t always enough. It’s possible that someone will hack through your best protections and access the data associated with your company: the member information, credit card swipes, financial data, and much more. If that happens, you will be thankful you didn’t take an “I’ll worry about it when it happens” approach. This is all too common among small business and club owners. It is yet another reason they are successfully hacked.

Owning a smaller establishment is not a good enough protection. You must protect and insure yourself and your business. If you have any questions about cyber insurance or other country club coverages you should carry a search for an Insurance agency, which helps get your country club fully insured and helps you reduce potential risks to your business. Before buying any insurance for cybersecurity click here to know the basic of Insurance.

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